Dignity of the Nobodies, The / Dignidad de los nadies, La (2005)

Documentary filmmaker Fernando E. Solanas returns to the themes of his award-winning A Social Genocide to find small victories among the rank and file in the wake of Argentina's economic collapse. La Dignidad de los Nadies (aka The Dignity of the Nobodies) documents how members of the Argentinean working class who have been marginalized by the nation's economic woes have taken matters into their own hands -- and succeeded. Among the people profiled are workers at a factory in Patagonia who lost their jobs when the plant was shut down; the workers were able to gain control of the factory and have once again made it an economically viable business. Elsewhere, farmers threatened with losing their land due to bank foreclosures have found a novel way to disrupt bankruptcy auctions -- by gathering friends and relatives to sing the national anthem repeatedly until the sales are called off. And the people of Matanza, a village not far from Buenos Aires, found themselves so mired in poverty they were unable to afford to dispose of their garbage or even bury their dead until they began staging massive marches on the nearby Argentinean capitol, exposing their plight to the nation.
Původní znění, anglické titulky. České titulky možná najdete zde.

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