Láska k penězům / Love of Money, The (2009)

Na podzim roku 2008 si globální svět sáhl na samé dno svých sil. Pád Lehman Brothers odstartoval paniku na finančních trzích a kapitalismus se ocitl na okraji kolapsu. Další a další do té doby neotřesitelné jistoty braly za své a obrovské problémy se přelily do reálných ekonomik zemí napříč světem. Dokumentární série se s odstupem času vrací ke klíčovým okamžikům finanční krize. Popisuje její počátky, vzestup i všechny možné následky pro blízkou budoucnost. Analyzuje její dopady v sociálním kontextu a všímá si, jak o ní psala nejvýznamnější média. Přibližuje příběhy klíčových finančních hráčů, důležitých světových státníků i obyčejných lidí. Finanční krize ve všech možných pohledech a se všemi možnými důsledky.
Anglické znění, anglické titulky.

E1 - The Bank that Bust the World
The collapse of Lehman Brothers tipped the world into the greatest financial crisis for eighty years. One year on, in the first part of a major three part series on the crash, the BBC offers the definitive account of what happened.
An unrivalled cast of contributors from national leaders, finance ministers and CEOs describe their tense negotiations in New York and London as Lehman Brothers headed towards bankruptcy. The likes of Gordon Brown, Tim Geithner and Alistair Darling reveal the dilemmas they faced and the decisions they took. The programme explains why the collapse of one bank had such disastrous consequences for the world's economy heralding the global recession.

E2 - The Age of Risk
The programme explains how we changed our attitude to risk, learnt to live with debt and, above all, how governments stepped back from regulating any of it. At the heart of the story is Alan Greenspan, who for 20 years was one of the most powerful people in the world. In October 2008, weeks after the catastrophic collapse of Lehman Brothers, the man whose ideas influenced the world admitted he might have been 'partially' wrong.

E3 - Back from the Brink
In the month that followed the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in September 2008, the world stared into the abyss of total financial collapse. The third part of the BBC's definitive series on the crash tells the extraordinary story of how politicians reacted, and asks what has been learnt from the entire calamity. Could it happen again?
With unrivalled contributions from the key decision makers including US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, Gordon Brown and five other finance ministers, the programme pieces together the details of an extraordinary moment in history, when the world faced its greatest financial crisis.

Last Days of Lehman Brothers, The (2009)

On 12 September 2008 the heads of Wall Street's three biggest investment banks are summoned to a late afternoon meeting at the New York Federal Reserve. After six months of turmoil in the world's financial markets, Lehman Brothers, the fourth biggest player on Wall Street, is on life support and the government is about to pull the plug.
As Lehman CEO Dick Fuld waits anxiously in his 7th Avenue headquarters for news from the Fed, US Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson drops a bombshell - Lehman Brothers is not too big to fail and this time there will be no public money for a bailout. After 42 years with the firm he calls the mothership, Fuld's time is running out.
Drama going behind closed doors to tell the story of three days that shook the world.

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