Wall Street Warriors (2006)

Welcome to Wall Street, the land of raging bulls and hungry bears, where winners wheel and deal and losers crash and burn. Witness the extreme power and intense competition that defines Wall Street through the eyes of those who thrive there...
Anglické znění.

E1 - Capitalism Rules
Is the race to the top a marathon or sprint? Guy explains the importance of staying patient on Wall Street, while Parker defends the risky strategy of short-selling. Sandra gets her schmooze on at a networking event. Jill, retired at 27, works diligently on building her own hedge fund, and Alex teaches his young son some important lessons about success and hard work.

E2 - Closing the Deal
As Sandra works on closing a $500 million deal, a looming deadline may throw a wrench in her plans. Tim enjoys the commute from his bedroom to his living room, where he runs a successful hedge fund. Bob teaches about Wall Street practices in the pre-technology age, and Guy explains the necessity of getting in synch with the market’s rhythms.

E3 - From Robes To Riches
Parker investigates a company that he suspects is inflating their image to gain high stock values. Bob explains the ways of Wall Street to a young intern, while Sandra continues to meet with high-performing hedge fund managers. Tim continues to work from home and gets a visit from a zealous cleaning woman, his mother.

E4 - Work Hard, Play Harder
On Wall Street, when you work hard, you get to play even harder. This week, it's all about spending quality time and of course, quantity money. Tim tees off on the golf course before a night out with a model. Meanwhile, out in the Hamptons, Guy fits in some family time, and Sandra hits the polo club. Alex and his family barbeque, and he shows off his most favorite possession, his gleaming motorcycle.

E5 - Written in the Stars
Is a profitable day in the stars? Sandra meets with a financial astrologer, but talk soon turns to her personal life. Alex explains his own strategies for breaking and re-grouping while Ted, an experienced floor trader, reflects on the Stock Exchange’s significance. Tim meets with Sandra for a business lunch, but seems more intent on sealing the deal with a date.

E6 - Size Does Matter
After coming up $300,000 short, Tim loses one of his top investors, not to mention his notorious temper. Sandra is more than a little impressed by the co-founder of the Quantum Fund. Sporting a hedge fund with a 4000% return is proof that portfolio size does matter.

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