Kissinger (2010)

Gain a unique insight into the political figure who, more than any other individual, shaped the United States post-war foreign policy. With Nixon embroiled in Watergate, Henry Kissinger was for a time the world's most powerful man. Even after leaving office he continued to act as counselor to successive presidents as well as governments around the globe. For many though, Kissinger is implicated in war crimes allegedly committed with his knowledge in countries from Cambodia to Chile.
Historian Niall Ferguson is given exclusive access to conduct the definitive interview with the world’s most famed political advisor and the arch proponent of realpolitik.
Kissinger clearly hoped his involvement in this film would be both a historical testament and final exoneration of his part in the United States destructive actions, yet this unflinching film captures a man uneasy with his devastating legacy.
Assembled from more than 20 hours of interview footage, the profile peels away the mystique around the man who remains one of the most controversial figures in global politics.
Anglické znění, české titulky možná najdete zde.

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