Zázraky vědy / The Wonders of science (?)

The frontier of scientific knowledge is continually on the move. A tiny advance by one research group in the US, for example, can trigger a radically new approach in a laboratory in the UK, and that, in turn, leads to a breakthrough by a scientist or an engineer in Germany or Australia. It is a constantly moving frontier. And it is global.
This remarkable series of six documentaries charts the intricacy and the excitement of that constant movement. It takes us into the very heart of that world of radical thought and experimentation that has led to the massive advances in scientific knowledge and technological applications that have shaped the world we all inhabit.
This series is about breakthroughs in science that in one way or another affect all our lives and the series is wide ranging so that it has something in it for everybody. The programmes are profoundly researched, beautifully filmed, and written in an easy and accessible style. Together they make up a fascinating journey through some of the most revolutionary ideas of our age.
České znění.

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