On Power, Dissent and Racism: A Discussion with Noam Chomsky (2003)

On Power, Dissent and Racism is a 60 minute video based on a series of talks and conversations with Professor Noam Chomsky taken in 2002 and 2003 in New York and Cambridge, Mass. In this video, Chomsky presents with rigorous analysis and humor his reflection on the motivations behind 9/11 and its consequences on the international system. Chomsky starts with the principle that we need to think globally when we want to comprehend the world of today. He defines the notion of terrorism within its historical context and gives his thoughts on how we should fight it without exercising the politics of the most powerful. Chomsky also gives his personal perspectives on the role of the Media in the war on terrorism, and personal views on racism against Arabs and Muslims since 9/11 and much more...
Anglické znění, španělské titulky (hardcoded). České titulky možná najdete zde.

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