Imperial Grand Strategy: The Conquest of Iraq and the Assault on Democracy (2005)

Chomsky is back, contesting official versions of history and today’s news in two powerful university talks and one interview! While each piece stands alone, they also complement one another to provide both a far-ranging view of world politics and a glimpse into Chomsky’s personal political beliefs that is both entertaining and informative.
Anglické znění, české titulky možná najdete zde.

E1 - Imperial Grand Strategy
In "Imperial Grand Strategy," a lecture given at the University of Manchester, Chomsky takes on the war in Iraq. He cuts through the ideological fog that surrounds the invasion and occupation, laying waste to the US government’s justifications for them. In the process, he uncovers the real motivations behind US military aggression: a global imperial plan put in place long before Iraq - and that will extend far into the future, unless we do something about it.

E2 - The Assault on Freedom and Democracy
"The Assault on Freedom and Democracy," delivered at Merrimack College, moves from broad, geopolitical concerns to the sort of authoritarian societies needed "on the ground" for such imperial strategies to work. Discussing the Patriot Acts (1 and 2) at home and a long and disgraceful US history of "democracy-building" abroad, Chomsky highlights the vast difference between noble rhetoric and US consistent military and economic support for dictators and thugs.

E3 - Questions about Anarchism
The DVD ends with "Questions about Anarchism," an interview with Barry Pateman of the Emma Goldman Archives. In a more relaxed and personal exchange, Chomsky discusses the anarchist principles that have guided him since he was a teenager and that lie behind the social and political analysis he’s been producing for the last four decades.
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